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Gigén április 8.-án volt a Húsvétváró nyuszi-buli,ahol a húsvéti hagyományokhoz kapcsolódó játékokon keresztül,a vetélkedőkön és a tojásfestésen túl, sok programmal várta a Gigei Önkormányzat a község apraja-nagyját.

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This settlement is located 23 km south-west to Kaposvár. There is only 7 km distance from Kiskorpád on the road No 61. The connecting road is of good quality. This asphalt covered connecting road provides the link to the road network of Somogy County. The nearest railway stations are in Kiskorpád and Jákó. There is frequent bus service between Gige and Rinyakovácsi, Csököly, Kiskorpád and Kaposvár, respectively.

The surrounding is variable from geographical aspect. The village is located at the border between Zselic hills and inner Somogy sandy area. The main activity is agricultural crop production; the main crops grown here are wheat and maize. If you visit here you can find different colours of the nature at different period of the year. In spring the landscape is brown because of ploughing; later it is green as the young plants come out. In summer at harvest time everything is gold-yellow. There are forests near to the village providing hideaway to winged game. Sometimes you can see deer and roe deer, too.

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